Kernow Coasteering - Coasteering in the far west of Cornwall

Kernow Coasteering is the UK's most westerly coasteering centre offering coasteering around Penzance and St. Ives. located on the Lands End peninsula in the far west of Cornwall, we're only a short drive from numerous awesome locations for coasteering where you can experience towering cliffs, caves and jumps. If you're staying in Penzance, St. Ives or the surrounding area, or maybe just visiting West Cornwall for a day trip, be sure to give us a call!

Our unique position on the small Lands End peninsula means that we can always choose the best area to suit your level of experience and fitness, as well as respond to the weather and swell conditions on any given day.

  • The UK's most westerly coasteering centre
  • The ultimate way to explore the stunning Cornish coastline
  • Visit stunning caves, gullies, whirlpools, cliff-jumps and more!
  • See incredible geology and wildlife
  • The perfect all-weather activity
  • Suitable for groups, individuals, families, stag/hen parties etc.
  • Tours to suit all levels of experience
  • Fully qualified guides for your coasteering experience
  • Top quality equipment


Wide open to the full force of the Atlantic Ocean, aeons of unrelenting winds and waves have sculpted the Lands End peninsula into the most breathtaking coastline, revealing the stunning granite cliffs we enjoy today. While it's great to walk the coats path admiring them, it's another level to REALLY experience them.

To climb, scramble, swim and jump your way along them, and get a whole different perspective that most will never see. You can explore caves, sheer cliffs, rocky coves, and stupendous jumps in beautiful locations not accessible any other way, except for coasteering. An experience with Kernow Coasteering will give you a chance to really experience the wild side of Cornwall. You will visit places that will leave you jaw-dropped and with memories you will treasure forever. You will visit places and see a side to Cornwall that most of the locals don't even know about!

We hope you enjoy browsing our website, where you will find everything you need to know about the fascinating sport of coasteering, and how you can take part on a thrilling tour during your visit to West Cornwall.

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