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Epic day of rock climbing at Sennen

Yesterday brought an epic day of rock climbing for Kernow Coasteering's Matt, and his climbing partner, Dr. Box. The chosen crag was Sennen. Sennen is one of the finest climbing crags in Cornwall, with great routes on solid granite, across the grades, from beginner's climbs right up to ridiculous test-pieces, many of which were put up by the infamous Mark Edwards in the 80s. Matt raised the bar straight away with a lead of the stunning crack climb, Zig Zag (HVS 5a).

Lovely spot of rock climbing tonight at the Crown Mines

Rock climbing west Cornwall, Penzance, St. Ives coasteering

West Cornwall has many well established rock climbing crags that receive many visitors from far and wide. There are also countless lesser known crags, that are well worth the effort to seek out. Tonight we had a great spot of rock climbing right underneath the famous engine houses of the Crown Mines, in Botallack,near St. Just.

A cracking summer for 2014?

With weather being hard to predict more than a couple of days in advance, it's pretty easy to dismiss claims by a group of scientists that summer 2014 could be a record breaker - in a good way! Apparently it's all linked to the El Nino phenomenon...

A big day for Kernow Coasteering!

I'm very happy to annouce that Kernow Coasteering has just received in the post this morning its AALA licence! What on Earth is an ALLA licence, you say? Well AALA was set up in 1995 to regulate safety in the outdoor industry, and its primary focus was for activities concerning minors visiting activity centres. So what does this mean for you guys?

Storm after storm after storm!

Huge storm waves attack Sennen Cove. Coasteering Sennen. Coasteering St. Ives, Coasteering, Penzance, Coasteering Newquay

Storms and floods are affecting much of the country right now, and right down here in west Cornwall, Kernow Coasteering is in the thick of it! This article reveals a bit more about how it's affected us down in west Cornwall. Storms are due again on Wednesday, and even bigger waves are expected next Saturday. Have you ever known anything like it?  Stay safe people, and our thoughts are with anyone who has suffered damage or flooding.

Here we go again!

Yet another super size swell is due to hit England tomorrow, with wave buoy data predicting waves of over 30 feet focused on the Cornish coast! It'll be peaking in the afternoon, so find yoursleves a good place to watch the storm, but stay safe!

Sand, up close and personal!

Check out this article from some amazing images of sand at 250x magnification. May sound simple, but what you see is surprisingly complex and beatiful. Much of the sand in west Cornwall is made from tiny fragments of sea shells, pulverised by aeons of wave action! So the stuff you get in your shoes at the end of a coasteer may have once been part of a limpet or a gastropod, r any of a vast array of shell-dwelling sea life.

Coasteering is the new mining!

...Well not quite, but the tourism industry as a whole has gone some way to filling the void left by the tin mining industry. Locals and visitors to the county are constantly reminded of Cornwall's mining heritage, thanks to the iconic engine houses that dot the landscape. These buildings did, in fact, house steam engines, necessary to keep the shafts free of ground - and sea water.

First rock climb of the year!

Climbing in Cornwall tends to go a bit quiet in winter. Dark evenings and frequent bad weather limit the amount you can get out there. So that makes it all the more satisfying when you do get out there and get some good routes in. Today was such a day. My climbing partner and I headed to the cliffs of Bosigran on the north coast of Penwith, between St. Ives and St. Just. The large expanse of granite cliff face here is well known and attratcts climbers from all over the country, and even internationally. This was a stamping ground of George Mallory almost one hundred years ago.

Hold on to your hats!

Happy New Year eveyobdy. We hope you had a great festove period, and hope 2014 brings good things for us all. In the meantime, it's worth having a look at the swell charts for the coming days. Check out the one on magc seaweed, here: